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All events and programs

already booked in Humanist Hall

are shown on the Calendar below:





The Fellowship of Humanity rents its Hall,

“Humanist Hall,” for an affordable fee,

in order to share this historic property

with the broader progressive activist

and oppressed minority communities,

and in order to help repair and improve the Hall

so that it remains in place

and is not displaced by gentrification.




An event must rent Humanis Hall by the day,

not by the hour.

Rates per event, per day,

range from $400 to $900

depending upon:

* number of people at the event

* day of the week

* length of the event

* public service value of the event

* ability to pay for the event

* complexity of the event — food, live music

* good track record with Humanist Hall



For more information about renting the Hall,

call David at 510-451-5818





Note Bene:

Progressive activist

and oppressed minority organizations and persons

of good will

are invited to use Humanist Hall

at our affordable rental rates.

Included with the Hall are its accompanying yard,

stage, green room, kitchen, and dining room.





















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