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Activist Events
and Alternative Visions

To see a list of all events, and descriptions of them,

including upcoming events scheduled for this month,

click on the “Activities” link at the top of every web page.

To see our Audio and Video Albums of bygone Events,

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Activist Events and Alternative Visions

are events produced in Humanist Hall

by the progressive activist

or oppressed minority communities

of the greater Bay Area.



They are open to the public for free

or for an admission charge —

sometimes nominal, sometimes more.


Some public events are posted

under our Activities button in our menu bar

with their own dates and times,

their own presenters, their own programs,

and their own admission fees —

if they are not free.


All events held in Humanist Hall,

whether public or private,

are posted monthly on a “Hall Calendar” post

under our “Activities” button in our menu bar

for the months in which they occur.




If you want information about an event

you can’t find under our Activities button,

please call David at 510-451-5818.




Events are held


Humanist Hall

a unique SOLAR-POWERED venue
in the Bay Area

Nota Bene:

All donations are indeed donations

and voluntarily submitted.

No one will be turned away from an event

for lack of money only.



390 27th Street

between Telegraph and Broadway,

uptown Oakland

Wheelchair accessible around the corner

at 411 28th Street

Contact David:



Wounded Dove


Unknown Artist

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