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1   Commitment to humanitarian, communitarian,

deep green values


   Advocating for truth, honesty, humility, compassion, kindness,

generosity, cooperation, simplicity, diversity, and community.

   Gently putting beliefs in superstitions, theologies, myths, fantasies

and magic behind us – no need to beat a dead horse.

   Cultivating a culture of listening, being sensitive to others’ needs,

addressing their issues, and learning how to cooperate with them.

   Serving the human community together with Earth’s ecosystems,

not pursuing personal wealth, not competing for social status

(power), not engaging in cruel, horrific practices (like war).

   Promoting local, steady-state, sustainable and egalitarian economic

systems and boycotting capitalist, debt-based, growth economics.

   Engaging in public service, progressive activism, restorative justice,

sustainability projects, and local and global citizenship.

   Practicing tolerance toward alternative values and belief systems

as long as they are beneficent – while keeping them at bay.


2   Commitment to Systems Science:


   Advocating for reason, logic, observation, experimentation, & proof:

coherence and consistency of thought, analysis and synthesis of

ideas and facts, carefulness and thoroughness of investigations.

   Gently putting scientific materialism, with its incumbent

reductionism, behind us – no need to beat a dead horse.

   Educating people about the dire consequences of peak oil,

global warming, climate change, and climate chaos, all resulting

in the decline of all ecosystems on Earth and all human civilizations.

   Studying the imminent collapse of industrial society, global

economics, and Earth’s ecosystems and endeavoring to prepare

ourselves and our community for this.

   Promoting permaculture and appropriate technologies, harmonious

with nature, to solve problems while decrying technofix solutions.

   Acknowledging that Earth’s sixth mass extinction, caused by the

catastrophic impact of industrial humans on Earth, is well underway.

   Admitting that human overpopulation is the fundamental cause

destroying life on Earth and is likely to lead to a human die-off.

   Advocating for Gaia:  Gaia is the Earth seen as the largest life form

we know about, a living being of planetary scale.  It coevolves with

all the other life forms on Earth, all modifying one another to

support the whole of life on Earth.  The organisms that survive

and thrive on Earth are those that help maintain all life,

and the whole Earth, Gaia, in a way that is favorable for life.

Are we humans favorable for Life?





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