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Earth Awareness and Climate Change Reality

Posted by Humanist Hall on February 18, 2016




Tuesday, February 23 at 6:30 pm
Climate Change —
Will Grip us All

with Florence Windfall



We invite everyone who participates in Earth Awareness to share your own thoughts about what climate change you have witnessed or otherwise been aware of. We welcome your ideas about climate change, whether they come from your own impressions and experiences or from those of someone you recommend we read. You are welcome to read from material that you bring to our group and welcome to talk about your own experiences and/or ideas about global climate change. What do you think is the current condition and the prospective of the Earth’s climate and what is your short term or long term prognosis for it? And how do you feel about these ideas that you have?


Everyone will have at least 15 minutes to make their point or express their feelings. Discussion will follow each participant’s presentation. The time allowed for discussion will depend upon how many participants there are. If you are not so familiar with current developments in the science or politics of climate change, listed below are many links to articles, videos, and radio programs for your reading/viewing/listening pleasure! The names listed below are either climate scientists, science writers, science journalists, or science photographers. This month we have some 50 links to share, listed below.


This list is just starting out — it needs to bring more climate science names to the highlight. If the links we have are not up to date, please send us links that ARE as up to date as possible. We will keep posting the best links we find until the end of February. In this way, we will highlight the most recent positions of world-class climate scientists, science writers, science journalists, and science photographers through the winter.




I made the World Collapse in 24 Days
by Nafeez Ahmed, with MotherBoard.Vice


The Climate Crisis in 2015:
Where Do We Go From Here?

by Richard Alley,
with Allegheny Front Radio


Climate Change Going Beyond Dangerous
by Kevin Anderson, with Democracy Now


The Long Thaw:  How Humans are Changing
the Next 100,00 Years of Earth’s Climate

by David Archer, with Princeton University Press


60 Solutions against Climate Change
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, with the AFD


State of the Planet
by David Attenborough, with BBC
& Discovery Channel YouTube


Photographer James Balog’s
Struggle to Capture Climate Change
by James Balog, with CBC Radio


The Antarctic Melt
by Peter Barrett, with YouTube


Global Ocean Phytoplankton in Severe Decline
by Paul Beckwith, with YouTube


Greenland Ice Sheets are Disappearing
Faster than Anyone Predicted

by Jason Box
, with RollingStone


Fixing Climate
by Wallace Broecker, with Macmillan Publishers


One Scientist’s Battle to Combat Climate Change
by Ken Caldeira, with the San Francisco Chronicle


Has Maximum Sea Ice Extent
already been Reached this Year?

by Sam Carana, with Arctic News


Evidence for the Global Climate
Planetary Emergency

by Peter Carter, with Climate Emergency Institute


Climate Change:
Thinking Outside the Low Carbon Box

by Peter Cox, with TEDx


Climate Change and Extreme Weather
by Jennifer Francis, with YouTube


The Pope’s Moral Case
for Taking on Climate Change

by Pope Francis, with The Atlantic


The Big Picture — Like it or Not
by Tim Garrett, with EcoShockRadio


Zika Outbreak could be an Omen
of the Global Warming Threat

by Justin Gillis, with the New York Times


I’m Here to Save the Rainforests
from Intensive Farming, Corruption
by Jane Goodall, with Democracy Now


The People vs. Exxon:
As Fossil Fuel Cover-Up Exposed,

Activists Try Oil Giant for “Climate Crimes”
by Amy Goodman, with Pacifica Radio


Al Gore Feels Optimistic about Climate Change
by Al Gore, with TEDBlog


Climate Matters
by James Hansen, with United Planet Faith
and Science Initiative


Regenerative Agriculture
by Thom Hartmann,
with TH TV Program
Green World Rising


A Climate for Change:
Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions:

by Katherine Hayhoe, with YouTube


Afterburn:  Society beyond Fossil Fuels
by Richard Heinberg, with Resilience


New Evidence Shows Global Climate Change
Began Way Back in 1610

by Eric Holthaus, with Slate’s Future Tense


Transition Network Newsletter — December 15
by Rob Hopkins, with


The Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise
by Jennifer Hynes, with YouTube


Freak Storms and Butterfly Die-Offs:
This Is Your Climate on Fossil Fuels

by Dahr Jamail, with TruthOut


A Case for Climate Engineering
by David Keith, with the MIT Press


Why Climate Change is
‘Incredibly Threatening To
Our Elites’

by Naomi Klein, with YouTube


The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History
by Elizabeth Kolbert, with Macmillan Publishers


Methane Vent Hole In Arctic Sea Ice?
by Malcolm Light, with Arctic News


Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth
by James Lovelock, with Oxford Paperbacks


Understanding Climate Change
Michael Mann, with The Big Picture RT
on YouTube


The Role of Latent Heat of Fusion
in Global Warming

by Anthony Marr, with OccupyforAnimals


Earth Rings in 2016 with its
Warmest January on Record

by Jeff Masters, with WunderBlog


The End of Nature
by Bill McKibben with Random House


See How Far We’ve Come
by Guy McPherson, with Nature Bats Last


Interview with Mario J. Molina
by Mario Molino, with


Meet the Conservationists who believe that
Burning is Good for Wildlife

by George Monbiot, with the Guardian


Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye Earth Science
by Bill Nye, with YouTube


Geoengineering Destroying the Atmosphere

by Roselind Peterson, with YouTube


Why the Pope’s Embrace of Science Matters
by Johan Rockstrom, with IDEAS.TED.COM


Methane Leaks Erase Climate Benefit
of Fracked Gas, Countless Studies Find

by Joseph Romm, with ThinkProgress


Ben Santer Interview:  Part 2
by Ben Santer, with Climate Denial
Crock of the Week


A Hellish 2016 Arctic Melt Season
May Have Already Begun

by Robert Scribbler, with RobertScribbler


Arctic Seafloor Methane
Releases Double Previous Estimates

by Igor Semiletov, with ScienceDaily


The East Siberian Arctic Shelf:
Towards further Assessment
of Permafrost-related Methane Fluxes
and Role of Sea Ice

by Natalia Shakhova, with The Royal Society Publishing


For The Marshall Islands, The Climate Goal Is
“1.5 To Stay Alive”

by Ari Shapiro, with KPIU 88.5 Radio


Exxon Knew. Was that Shell’s Game, too?
by Peter Sinclair, with Climate Denial
Crock of the Week


California Billionaire Tom Steyer has Rare Access
and a Big Megaphone on Climate Change

by Tom Steyer, with Los Angeles Times


Climate Change and Security
by David Titley, with


France’s Top Weatherman Sparks Storm
over Book Questioning Climate Change

by Philippe Verdier, with The Telegraph


Arctic Methane:  Why The Sea Ice Matters
by Peter Wadhams, with YouTube


A New History of Life
Shows we’re not Extinction-Proof

by Peter Ward, with New Scientist


Arctic Feedback Dynamics Presentation
by David Wasdell, with YouTube


is Playing God with Weather

by Dane Wigington, with Greg Hunter’s




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