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Earth Awareness and Climate Change Reality for Science Fans

Posted by Humanist Hall on December 4, 2015




Tuesday, December 22 at 6:30 pm
The Paris U.N. Climate Conference:
a Directive or a Disgrace?

with Florence Windfall




This month, December, begins with the U.N. Climate Conference in Paris.  This is the highest order of global climate conferences in the world.   Will it result in a Directive for all countries in the world to cut back their carbon C02 emissions?  Or will it result in a disgrace for humanity that many major polluting countries refuse to give up, refuse even to curb, their polluting extractive industries — their oil, coal, gas, and agribusiness — in favor of green and sustainable practices and technologies?  Whatever the result, the magnitude and importance of this conference is revealed in the fact that it will not convene again until 2020.


We invite everyone who participates in Earth Awareness to share your own thoughts about the U.N. Climate Conference going on in Paris from November 30 to December 11.   We welcome your ideas, whether they come from your own impressions and experiences or from those of someone you recommend we read.  You are welcome to read from material that you bring to our group and welcome to talk about your own experiences and/or ideas about global climate change.  What do you think is the current condition and the prospective of the Earth’s climate and what is your short term or long term prognosis for it? And how do you feel about these ideas that you have?


Everyone will have at least 15 minutes to make their point or express their feelings. Discussion will follow each participant’s presentation. The time allowed for discussion will depend upon how many participants there are. If you are not so familiar with current developments in the science or politics of climate change, listed below are many links to articles, videos, and radio programs for your reading/viewing/listening pleasure! The names listed below are either climate scientists, science writers, science journalists, or science photographers.  This month we have some 50 links to share, listed below.  


This page is just starting out — it’s incomplete.  Some names are listed, and links will follow.  If the links we have are not up to date, please send us links that ARE as up to date as possible.  The Conference ends on December 11 but we will keep posting the best links we find until the end of December.  In this way, we will highlight the most recent positions of world-class climate scientists, science writers, science journalists, and science photographers through the month. 




Paris Climate Negotiations won’t Stop
the Planet Burning

by Nafeez Ahmed, with MEE


The Climate Crisis in 2015:
Where Do We Go From Here?

by Richard Alley,
with AF Radio


Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think
& Scientists are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

by Kevin Anderson, with Democracy Now


Subsea Permafrost and the Methane Cycle
on the Siberian Continental Shelf

by David Archer, with Green College on YouTube


60 Solutions against Climate Change
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, with the AFD


The Truth About Climate Change
by David Attenborough, with BBC on YouTube


Photographer James Balog’s
Struggle to Capture Climate Change
by James Balog, with CBC Radio


The Antarctic Melt
by Peter Barrett, with YouTube


My Heartfelt Message to COP21
by Paul Beckwith, with YouTube


Voluntary Pledges Aren’t Enough:
Glaciologist Says Nonbinding Emission Reductions
Won’t Cut It

by Jason Box
, with Democracy Now


Wallace Broecker
and the Earth’s Most Difficult Experiment
by Wallace Broecker, with Open Mind


Stop Emissions!
by Ken Caldeira,  with the MIT Technology Review


Paris Agreement
by Sam Carana,  with Arctic News


Today’s 2015 Global Climate Change
Medical Emergency Response

by Peter Carter, with Climate Change
Emergency Medical Response


Climate Change:
Thinking Outside the Low Carbon Box

by Peter Cox, with TEDx


Crazy Weather and the Arctic Meltdown:
Are they connected?

by Jennifer Francis, with YouTube


Top 10 Things You Need to Know
about Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’
by Pope Francis, with YouTube


The physics of long-run
global economic growth
by Tim Garrett, with University of Utah


Paris Climate Talks Avoid Scientists’
Idea of ‘Carbon Budget’

by Justin Gillis, with the NYT


I’m Here to Save the Rainforests
from Intensive Farming, Corruption
by Jane Goodall, with Democracy Now


Climate Countdown: Paris
by Amy Goodman, with Pacifica Radio


Al Gore To Investors:
Invest In Renewables Or Risk Stranded Assets
by Al Gore, with Forbes


James Hansen talks Climate Change
by James Hansen, with YouTube


by Thom Hartmann,
with TH TV Program


Why is climate change a humanitarian issue?
by Katherine Hayhoe,  with YouTube


Renewable Energy after COP21:
Nine issues for climate leaders to think about
on the journey home

by Richard Heinberg, with Resilience


Why COP 21 Matters, and Why I’m Going
by Eric Holthaus, with Slate’s Future Tense


Why COP 21 Matters, and Why I’m Going
by Rob Hopkins, with Climate Convergence


Methane Monster II ~ Demise of the Arctic
by Jennifer Hynes, with YouTube


Climate Disruption Dispatches
by Dahr Jamail, with TruthOut


Naomi Klein Decries Climate Deal as Extraordinarily Dangerous; Backs Defiance of French Protest Ban
by Naomi Klein, with Democracy Now

Good Reasons to Cheer the Paris Climate Deal
by Elizabeth Kolbert, with The New Yorker


Gaia:  A New Look at Life on Earth
by James Lovelock, with Oxford Paperbacks


Paris Climate Change Talks
far more Positive than Copenhagen —
But Expectations must be Limited

Michael Mann, with IBT


The Role of Latent Heat of Fusion
in Global Warming

by Anthony Marr, with OccupyforAnimals


Paris Climate Talks Ramp Up
by Jeff Masters, with Wunderground


The End of Nature
by Bill McKibben with Random House


Nature Bats Last – 12.08.15
by Guy McPherson, with PRN.FM


It’s Totally Unacceptable for Society Not to Act
by Mario Molino, with Scientific American


Grand promises of Paris climate deal
undermined by squalid retrenchments

by George Monbiot, with the Guardian


Climate Change 101
by Bill Nye, with Nat Geo on YouTube


Let the Environment Guide our Development
by Johan Rockstrom, with TED Talks


In Historic Paris Climate Deal,
World Unanimously Agrees
To Not
Burn Most Fossil Fuels
by Joseph Romm, with ThinkProgress


PLS Climate Scientist Reflects on 20 years
of Climate-Change Science

by Ben Santer, with LLNL


Paris Climate Conference ‘At the Limits of Suicide,’
Commitments Nowhere Near Enough to Miss 2 C

by Robert Scribbler, with RobertScribbler Blog


Vast Methane ‘Plumes’ Seen in Arctic Ocean
as Sea Ice Retreats

by Igor Semitelov, with Independent Science News


Methane Hydrates &
Stability of East Siberian Arctic Shelf

by Natalia Shakova, with Transition Studies


10 Things To Know About the U.N.
Climate Talks in Paris

by Ari Shapiro, with NPR Radio


Pope Urges Real Deal in Paris
by Peter Sinclair, with Climate Denial
Crock of the Week


Tom Steyer’s Slow, and Ongoing, Conversion
from Fossil-Fuels Investor to Climate Activist

by Tom Steyer, with the Washington Post


December National Call
by David Titley, with Citizens’ Climate Lobby


Top French Weatherman makes Headlines
by Joining RT to cover Climate Summit

by Philippe Verdier, with RT TV


Our time is running out —
The Arctic sea ice is going!
by Peter Wadham, with YouTube


Whistle-Blower U.S. Geophysicist
Issues $10,000 Challenge

by Peter Ward, with PR Newswire


The Desperation of the Geoengineers,
Documenting an Engineered Cool-Down

by Dane Wigington, with Geoengineering Watch




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