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Earth Awareness and Climate Change Reality for Science Fans

Posted by Humanist Hall on October 20, 2015




Tuesday, October 27 at 6:30 pm
Round Table Discussion
About Economic & Social Crises
with Florence Windfall


We invite everyone who participates to share your own thoughts about the current state of the economic and social crises that you are witnesses of today. We welcome your ideas whether they come from your own impressions and experiences or from those of someone you recommend we read. You are welcome to read from material that you bring to our group or to talk about your own experiences and/or ideas. What do you think is the current condition and prospective of economics and society and what is your short term and/or long term prognosis for these? And how do you feel about these ideas that you have?


Everyone will have at least 15 minutes to make their point or express their feelings. Discussion will follow each participant’s presentation. The time allowed for discussion will depend upon how many participants there are. If you are not so familiar with current developments in economics, listed below are many links to articles, videos, and radio programs for your reading/viewing/listening pleasure! This month we have over 30 links to share, listed below! For more reference material, you can look at Humanist Hall’s website for Earth Awareness posts from months past and see the bibliographic material listed for months gone by.


The current time period, September and October 2015, is said to be a critical turning point for the global economy. Whether there will be a global economic crash, and whether the U.S. dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency, remains to be seen. But one thing is clear already: the global economy and the U.S. dollar as well, whether crashing or not, is only going to go downhill from here on out. There’s a broad consensus about this among online economic experts. The U.S. government and large corporations will not make any negative pronouncements — they are wedded to positive (and magical) thinking. But economic spokespeople of the internet are loud and clear: they ALL say that there’s no way out of a global economic decline and diminishment and likely a crash coming up this year and continuing — for centuries, if humans survive at all! ALL the alternative economists say there’s NO WAY to avoid this outcome! The world is heading for economic turmoil, a winding down, and probably a crash — the end result being, on one end of the extreme, that humans go extinct along with most of the rest of life on Earth, or, on the other end of the extreme, that humans give up their drive for empire and enter into a new age of small, low tech, communitarian villages. Some alternative economists who speak out are listed below. Check them out for yourself.


And what does economics or the U.S. economy or global economic collapse have to do with Earth Awareness and climate change? Everything! It’s national and global corporations and governments with global military reach that are the primary producers of the various poisons and pollutants that are taking down the Earth’s biosphere and killing life on Earth. The Earth’s climate is made by the life that it in turn supports. Kill the life, then you’ve killed the atmosphere. Kill the atmosphere, then you’ve killed the life. There’s no economy without life.




Nothing Left Standing After Next Crash
by Rick Ackerman,  guest of Greg Hunter


The End of Endless Growth — Part 2
by Nafeez Ahmed


5 Big Banks will Survive next Financial Calamity —
Everybody Else Bankrupt

by Ellen Brown,  guest of Greg Hunter


Global Economic Recession
by Gerald Celente,  guest of Economy Sucks


Money Cannot Manufacture Resources
by Kurt Cobb,  guest of Chris Martenson


The END Will Come like a Thief in the Night
by Dave X22guest of SGT Report


Over $100 Trillion in Wealth Will Disappear
by Harry Dent
,  guest of Greg Hunter


Deliberate Implosion of U.S. Economy
by Catherine Austin Fitz, guest of Alex Jones


What is America’s Energy Policy?
A 2006 Senate Hearing on “Energy Independence”

by Alice Friedemann


Another World is Inevitable
by John Michael Greer


This is HOW People will Lose EVERYTHING
by Bill Holter,  guest of SGT Report


What we’re Becoming
by Michael Hudson, 
guest of Bonnie Faulkner


Russia, U.S., China and Syria War Tensions,
Economy Tanking More

by Greg Hunter


DOJ White-Collar Crime Policy
just Reheated Cabbage

by David Cay Johnston


The Global Elite Are Preparing For
Total Economic Collapse 2015 & World War 3

by Alex Jones


Empire of debt (E826)
by Max Keiser,  hosting Dmtri Orlov


Not A Financial Crash But Dark Ages Coming!
Rob Kirby,  guest of Greg Hunter


The Center Cannot Hold
by David Korowicz


Fed Cred Dead
by James Howard Kunstler


America in Decline:  Stock Market “Party” is Over
by Gregory Mannarino


Banking Collapses, Misallocation of Capital,
& the Gold Standard

by Chris Martenson,  guest of James Turk


The Whole Economy is Turning Down
by Charles Nenner,  guest of Greg Hunter


Warning sign:  Tech companies of all Sizes and Ages
are Starting to Have Layoffs
by Alexei Oreskovic ,  guest of David Stockman


The Financial-Industrial Revolution’s
Origin and Destiny

by Dmitri Orlov,  hosting Adrian Kuzminski


Global Economy is Imploding
by Michael Pento,  guest of Greg Hunter


The last 30 Years of Global Economic History
are about to Go out the Window

by Matt Phillips


Fed Trapped in Money Printing Policy
by Naomi Prins,  guest of Greg Hunter


Why You MUST Pay off your Debt
New Currency System Coming!

by David Quintieri


On the Verge of Economic Upset
by Michael Rivero,  guest of Elijah Johnson


The Alarming Decline in Western Democracy
by Paul Craig Roberts


Putin Has Nuclear Economic Bomb
by Jim Sinclair,  guest of Greg Hunter


Why is Wealth/Income Inequality Soaring?
by Charles Hughes Smith


Expert That Correctly Predicted Market Moves
In July, August, And September
Says Stocks Will Crash In November
by Michael Snyder


Riding ZIRP into the Doom Loop —
Monetary Central Planning’s Dead End

by David Stockman


Fed Audit Shocker:
They Come from Planet Klepto

by John Titus


Our Electricity Problem:
Getting the Diagnosis Correct

by Gail Tverberg


The Fed has Lost Control
by John Williams,  guest of Greg Hunter


American ELITE plans to COLLAPSE Europe
by Jim Willie,  guest of Elijah Johnson


Capitalism’s Instability
by Richard Wolff



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