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Out of the Woods

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Friday, September 18 at 8:00 pm

!East Bay Premier!


Out of the Woods




A Feature Film by Antero Alli

— appearing in person along with the cast and crew

Before the screening Sylvi Alli
will perform music and songs.



The Film


A young man survives a near-death experience with amnesia and a disconcerting psychic talent that draws him into the strange new world of professional mentalism. Thirty years later, he’s a reclusive hermit discovered by a documentary filmmaker who interviews him about his past and why he suddenly walked away from becoming rich and famous. OUT OF THE WOODS is a magical realist drama of one mans journey through haunted dreams, childhood memories, and the kindness of strangers in search of the truth about himself and his one true love.



The Filmmaker

ANTERO ALLI has been writing, directing, and touring his underground feature films since 1995. His deep background in experimental theatre (since 1975) imprints all his films with their distinct surrealistic sensibility. Alli’s films can be seen in rare, limited runs on the west coast arthouse circuit and, on dvd. Antero is also a book author and an astrologer.




Website of the Film:

Out of the Woods

Trailer of the Film:

Out of the Woods Trailer



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