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We could Catch the Rain

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Earth Awareness

Monday, December 1 at 12:00 pm

El Niño or Not this Year

with Florence Windfall



Drought Threatens all California



It’s been lightly raining off and on this week — HELP! We can’t catch this rain unless YOU help out with your donations! The reservoirs of California are filling back up a wee bit. But rain is NOT filling our rain water tank! Our tank would be filled by a pipeline coming from our north roof.  But the pipeline does not yet exist nor is there a proper roof!  In fact, our north roof is leaking right now and we haven’t got the funds to replace it!  The only obstacle to completing our rain water catchment system is that we are required to install a new roof on the north side of our building underneath the catchment system, which is beyond our reach financially. A roof and a rain water catchment system are pricey items that require YOUR donations for us to be able to buy and install!  Please HELP TODAY so that we can capture this water that’s coming down before California goes back into its long term drought!


!Please Help!


Some 20,000 people a year use Humanist Hall for their important events: meetings, rallies, performances, celebrations, festivals, weddings, memorials, everything! Our Hall is well loved by progressive and minority communities who return again and again. But few of these people receive our HumaneCalendar! Please let everyone know about our need for donations!


You don’t have $25,000 (a tax-deductible donation) to spare?  Can you contribute $25?  If 1000 of the friends of Humanist Hall each contributes just $25, we’d have our roof and rainwater catchment system!  Just click the “Contact/donate” link on the menu bar of our website and donate today — please help us today for water security here tomorrow!



!Donate Today!







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