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Earth Awareness and Climate Change Reality for Science Fans

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Tuesday, January 28 at 7:00 pm

Earth’s Ecology and Human Economics:

A Comparison

with Will Dvorak



Earth’s evolution has been rolling along for 5 billion years or so. Life forms have been interdependently evolving in a complex web of relationships we have dubbed “Ecology” for some three and half billion years. Humans, having barely escaped extinctions that buried all the other hominids, are now approaching 7 billion strong and partying on the backs of all the other life forms causing massive extinctions at a record pace. How could this be? Has something gone wrong or is this just the way of the world? Are “human economics” a gross maladaptation or just a logical development of earth economics? Bring your 2 cents worth .


Here’s a good reading list of books for Will’s presentation:


The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

The Machinery of Nature by Paul Ehrlich

The Long Descent by John Michael Greer

Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher

The Nature of Design by David W. Orr

The Carbon Age by Eric Roston



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The Carbon Age by Eric Roston














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