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Earth Awareness and Climate Change Reality for Science Fans

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Tuesday, November 22 at 7:00 pm

Living Systems Principles:

From Theory to Application

with Beatrice Benne



The complexity of our society’s social-ecological challenges (environment, health, education, etc.) calls for a paradigm shift from our “mechanistic” to an “ecological” or living systems worldview, which has emerged from living systems sciences over the last century.  The challenge for change agents working in a field mainly shaped by a mechanistic worldview is two-fold:  first, to develop an understanding of how life and living systems work and, second, to translate that understanding into applications and business strategies that have the potential for addressing multiple problems simultaneously while transforming systemic structures and organizational models.


In this presentation, Beatrice will introduce key living systems principles and the associated mind shifts required to addressing our society’s challenges from a whole systems perspective.  She will then illustrate how the principles are being applied to the fields of complexity economics, strategic management, organizational change, and regenerative design and development.  She hopes her presentation will generate a lively conversation about the benefits and challenges of working from an ecological and holistic mindset!



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Beatrice Benne, Ph.D., is founder of Soma Integral Consulting — a firm dedicated to facilitating the resolution of adaptive challenges by transforming and designing purposeful and conscious organizations, while focusing on the well-being of social and environmental ecosystems.  Beatrice has 15+ years of business experience.  Her expertise in adaptive strategy, change management, and leadership development is grounded in systems thinking and a living systems approach.  She currently applies her skills and knowledge to the challenges faced by cities and local governments.  Beatrice holds an M.S. and Ph.D in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley.   More information about her work can be found at:









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