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Gaia Science Day

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Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00 pm

Change Comes to Evolutionary Biology

with Florence Windfall



Evolutionary biology has evolved since Darwin’s time in ways he could not have anticipated! It is undergoing a revolution — as is scientific thinking in general. Science is turning to holistic systems science for greater explanatory power than is possible with traditional science which is wedded to reductionism, also known as scientific materialism. This revolution towards holism has been underway for decades now but only recently is it reaching the cultural level where we can all talk about it.


Spearheading this revolution have been Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock. Margulis not only made fundamental discoveries in biology but she explored the philosophical ramifications of her discoveries, leading her to the conclusion that a revolution in scientific thinking is required. And Lovelock not only made fundamental discoveries and inventions in chemistry but he too explored the philosophical ramifications of his discoveries, leading him to the same conclusion — holistic scientific thinking requires a new paradigm. And the revolution in science, in cultural paradigm, and in thinking is now already underway.

Humanist Hall will celebrate Lynn Margulis on her birthday, March 5, and James Lovelock on his birthday, July 26. With these two talks each year, under the rubric of “Gaia Science Day,” Humanist Hall hopes to promote the advances in knowledge that these two geniuses gave humanity as well as speed up popular recognition of the paradigm change that these advances require. Of course, Margulis and Lovelock were not the only scientists to advance human knowledge! But their significant, ground-breaking discoveries and their ability to elaborate what their discoveries mean in a broader sense to a broader world make them the focus for our talks on paradigm change in our worldview.


Florence’s talk on evolutionary biology will be followed by a round table discussion.



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Change Comes to Evolutionary Biology
















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