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The True Cost of Oil

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Sunday, January 20 at 1:00 pm

The True Cost of Oil

By Garth Lenz

~~ appearing in person



Renown environmental photojournalist, Garth Lenz, best known for his work presenting environmental and social justice issues, has photographed extensively throughout Canada’s temperate rainforest and boreal forests, and gathered images that show the plight of the pristine Canadian boreal region and its native people, now confronted by a vast and monstrous Canadian industrial project.  The Alberta Tar Sands of Canada are the third largest, most carbon-intensive oil reserves on the planet, and their exploitation is a global threat to life on Earth.  Now Garth Lenz in person takes us on a visual journey across this most large and most intact forest ecosystem on Earth into the heart of what may be the largest and most ecologically devastating industrial project the world has ever known, the Alberta Tar Sands, or Oil Sands.  As the third largest and most carbon-intensive oil reserves on the planet, and the single largest source of imported oil in the U.S., the Alberta Tar Sands are a global threat to climate stability and a sustainable, clean energy future.


This afternoon we can witness Garth Lenz’ traveling slideshow of the Alberta Tar Sands and the boreal forest ecosystem which surrounds them.  What does environmental devastation actually look like?  Garth Lenz shares shocking photos of the Alberta Tar Sands mining project — and the beautiful (and vital) ecosystems under threat as the mining expands.  This extraordinary exhibit,The True Cost of Oil,” in brilliant photographs, compares and contrasts images of the industrial and natural landscape in Alberta, Canada, highlighting visual themes and similarities in these opposing subjects and inviting a deeper understanding of each.  Garth Lenz’s photographs capture the detailed reality of what happens when a pristine landscape is confronted by an industrial project


This exhibition, “The True Cost of Oil,” has played a major role in the fight against Alberta Tar Sands Mining.  Today spokespersons from both and Rainforest Action Network will also be here to talk about the National President’s Day Action on February 17 and to draw attention to the blockade in Texas against the Keystone XL pipeline there.  In the words of Garth Lenz:  “Canada’s Tar Sands are perhaps the most visually compelling example of all that is wrong with our addiction to fossil fuels and why we must change or face dire consequences for all life on Earth.”–the-true-cost-of-oil/editorial-42





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