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The Economic and Ecological Crunch Impacting All of Us

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Tuesday, November 20 at 7:00 pm

The Economic and Ecological Crunch

Impacting All of Us

What to do about the Upcoming Double Whammy

with Anthony Marr

~~ on Tour to Save our Planet




Our economy, along with the global economy, is toppling off a cliff and the Earth’s global ecology, all life on land and ocean, is in a death spiral.  Anthony Marr, author of 2 books and 2 online blog spots, renown activist in behalf of wildlife, and recipient of prestigious awards for his activism, will address this double calamity that’s looming on the horizon.  Not a doomsday prophet, Anthony is a dynamo speaker who will inspire us all to help restore the Earth and navigate our way through the collapsing economy in the coming years.  He writes:  “Those warning the world about global warming, climate change, the methane time-bomb, food crisis, economic collapse, social disintegration and potential third world war have been vilified of being ‘doomsday prophets,’ and tarred with all kinds of unsavory projected motives, anything from egotism to narcissism to profiteerism.”  A man without ego, narcissism, or profit, Anthony Marr has a positive philosophy to tell us about, even though this warning is appropriate to the current world situation.  Come and hear what he has to say about the dire situation of the world today!  He is aware of this situation but he has a positive message to communicate!


On the economic front, Anthony sees a huge storm coming, and imminently.  He predicts that by 2015 at the latest, the U.S. Dollar will have crashed, resulting in hyperinflation and huge increases in food and fuel prices.  The latter will grind transportation to a halt, and food outages will be prevalent especially in major cities.  This will precipitate food riots, looting, home invasions, and general social disintegration.  Large metropolises will become death traps.  Anthony will discuss the causes, possible solutions, and personal survival through this upheaval.

On the ecological front, the industrial processes of agribusiness and mining and drilling have already destroyed more than half the Earth and are proceeding to deforest the Earth completely.  Just as all the continents are  turning into deserts under the practices of agribusiness and industries which destroy the soil and plant life, the oceans too are becoming ocean deserts, devoid of life, due to over fishing, acidification, and over heating.  We are every day bringing massive amounts of carbon and methane to the Earth’s surface where it enters into the atmosphere, heating up the Earth, causing a mass extinction of all life.  Mass extinction will not necessarily spare humanity.  Anthony will speak about mass extinction and what some of the possibilities are for life on Earth and 7 billion people.


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