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Strong Women, Strong Families, Strong Communities!

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Thursday, March 8 at 5:00 pm

Strong Women, Strong Families,

Strong Communities!

Produced by MamaGingi Corazon



To honor childbearing traditions in all communities, we need midwives rooted in those communities who understand and share the cultural and economic conditions of the families they serve. Having a midwife for every woman means all women having equal access to quality healthcare and representation in their own communities. Midwifery offers a model of care based in informed and empowered decision making, family-centeredness, and respect for the wholeness of every woman — knowing that every woman, regardless of the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy, wants a healthy child. Join Fruits of Labor Midwifery for speakers and performances and a silent auction and raffle to raise funds for aspiring midwives of color. And celebrate International Women’s Day at the same time with music, children’s activities, information tables, and plenty of food and fun.


Speakers for the Evening:



Asatu Musunama Hall-Allah

CPM Sacred Grove Traditions and ICTC


Sara Flores

ReCLAIM Midwifery and Healing Services, ReCLAIM Healers Collective

Maddy Oden

Executive Director of The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation

Selena Green

LM director Sacred Birth Place



Performers for the Evening:


Aima the Dreamer
Cleoma Bova
Maria Loreto

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