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From Police Brutality to Hate Crimes

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Saturday, June 9 at 7:00 pm

From Police Brutality to Hate Crimes

in Oakland

Produced by Crystallee Crain




Racism and oppression are out of control in the City of Oakland. Not only have the police and City Council been ineffective in stopping crime, they also use it to cover their tracks. The unchecked power of the police smashed the Occupy movement, regularly abused youth of color, and murdered unarmed people. Whether it be police brutality or the murder of the oppressed, a movement needs to be built to stop violence. We must demand justice from a Police Department that is out of control and a City Council that protects them. Join the International Socialist Organization of the Bay Area for their panel discussion about how to build a movement that unites the people of Oakland to win justice and take down all systems of oppression.



Featured Speakers for the Evening:



Adam and Jeralynn Blueford

Parents of Alan Blueford, an unarmed youth murdered by the OPD


Talishia Massey

Sister of Brandy Martell, a transgender woman murdered by bigots


Jack Bryson

Father of a friend of Oscar Grant’s


Dionne Smith

Mother of a teenager murdered by Stockton police


Ashley Simmons

Member of ISO and leading activist in the fight for LGBT liberation


Crystallee Crain

Leading faculty member of the Violence Prevention Initiative

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