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Film: Food Stamped

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Wednesday, July 11 at 7:30 pm

Food Stamped

by Shira and Yoav Potash

~~ Yoav will be appearing in person


This is an informative and humorous documentary film following a newly-wed couple, Shira and Yoav, as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget. The experiment in this film is to eat healthy for one week, spending only food stamps.† The allocated food stamp ration is $49 for two people per week.† The couple didnít skip a meal.† Thatís $1.20 per person per meal — with no snacks.† The couple ate a fairly varied, interesting diet for their week.† They exercised a great deal of planning and effort, including food preparation time.† They also had access and awareness that people who need food stamps typically donít. †This cute couple also knew the experiment would end after seven days.† Shira is a nutritionist and teacher.† Yoav is a cooperative husband as long as he could be a wise guy all week.†† But Yoav also says, ďI missed sweets and meat.† I wanted to be a little lazy and I wanted to have snacks and I wanted to be spoiled, just like your average American does.”† The couple also supplemented their diet by finding some free samples and adding one taste of dumpster diving.


We live in an affluent country where, nevertheless, one in eight people is eligible for food stamps.† We (taxpayers) subsidize big companies to make big profits producing and selling sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup) and fat (especially hydrogenated).† The cheapest, most accessible and most heavily marketed foods are the least nutritious.† Fruits and vegetables cost more in large part because these foods are not on corporate welfare and have nowhere near the advertising budget.


This film is brought to us by Dana Frasz, Founder and Director of Food Shift.†† Food Shift is an Earth Island Institute sponsored project dedicated to building a more just and sustainable food system that curbs waste, empowers communities, respects the environment, and nourishes all people.† Food Shift educates and empowers consumers, businesses, and communities by increasing awareness about food waste and inspiring food-related behavior change.† By trimming our waste and diverting food loss, we can feed the hungry, create jobs, combat climate change, conserve natural resources, and cultivate more sustainable communities.† Please join us to see the film and participate in discussions facilitated by Dana Frasz and co-Director, Yoav Potash.





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