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Middle Eastern Treasures Concert

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Sunday, April 29 at 1:30 pm

Middle Eastern Treasures Concert

Presented by Mary Ellen Donald

This will be an afternoon of exhilarating, delightful, and incredible Arabic and Middle Eastern music, drumming, and belly dancing! Mary Ellen Donald is a nationally acclaimed Middle Eastern percussionist, instructor, and recording artist for 35 years. She is the prime mover of the gorgeous and exotic Middle Eastern Treasures Concerts. She shines not only as an expert and thrilling player of Persian drums and cymbals, but she is also an amazing jazz singer.


This afternoon Mary Ellen Donald will feature beautiful Egyptian, Syrian, and Iraqian music as performed by her Arabic Music Ensemble.† Husain Resan will sing;† Younes Makboul will play violin;† and Mary Ellen, Angelena Kyzar-Crowhurst, and Brian Nutson will play percussion.† Mary Ellen and her son John Donald are the duo performing in the Donald Drum Duo.† The exquisite belly dancers performing precisely in sync with the music this afternoon will be Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan and Hannah Romanowsky.† In addition, Mozaik will perform women’s a cappella folk harmonies from around the world.† And to top it off, there will be two large percussion ensembles with more belly dancers.† And of course, there will be audience dancing afterward!


Come, see, and experience these Middle Eastern instruments, sounds, and belly dancing.† Itís impossible to have a more enjoyable afternoon at Humanist Hall!† Come and join Mary Ellen in raising the rafters of Humanist Hall as high as the sky today!Complementing Mary Ellenís spectacular concert will be an irresistible feast!Be sure to keep the abundance flowing and bring a scrumptious potluck dish to share!






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