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Film: Capitalism Hits the Fan

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Wednesday, February 8 at 7:30 pm

Capitalism Hits the Fan

by Richard Wolff




Richard Wolff breaks down the root causes of today’s economic crisis in the clearest terms that everyone can understand  He shows how the crisis has been decades in the making and in fact reflects seismic failures within the structures of American-style capitalism itself.  He traces the source of the economic crisis to the 1970s when wages began to stagnate and American workers were forced into a dysfunctional spiral of borrowing and debt that ultimately exploded in the mortgage meltdown.  By placing the crisis within this larger historical and systemic frame, Richard argues convincingly that the proposed government bailouts, stimulus packages, and calls for increased market regulation will not be enough to address the real causes of the crisis, in the end suggesting that far more fundamental change will be necessary to avoid future catastrophes.


Richard Wolff is not only a brilliant expositor of our country’s economic reality but he has a great sense of humor and viewers will be enlightened, informed, and amused about what global market capitalism has brought to the world — who has benefited and who has gotten hurt.  You will see why the game of growth and debt is over and will not be cured by a stimulus to create one more bubble that will get us back to the same economy that produced the economic meltdown.  He is concise in summarizing the end of capitalism world wide.  It cannot sustain itself anymore.  There is no way out other than to restructure!  You can’t buy your way out;  you can’t borrow your way out;  you cannot stimulate your way out.  The problem is unsolvable in its current structure.  The only way to solve it is to change the structure.  Corporate capitalism has done this to itself.  We have benefited as a nation from fortunate events where for three decades we were the world’s producer.  No more.  The rest of the world has caught up after WWII destroyed their economies and means of production.  The entire world is now in for a lingering depression if we do not change the structure of our economy.  And if certain unpredictable events happen, it could be catastrophic for humanity!

















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