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Film: The Broken Moon

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Wednesday, January 18 at 7:30 pm

The Broken Moon

by Marcos Negrao and Andre Rangel



This deep, thoughtful, and very beautiful documentary is about the last of the Himalayan nomads. Beyond the mountains of the Western Himalaya, Sonam, an old nomad man, lives with his tribe in one of the most adverse, remote, and isolated corners of the planet; but a sudden change in the climate is drying most of the rivers and transforming several valleys into deserts. As the sun beats down and the wind whips dust into his eyes, Sonam struggles across a desperate, arid landscape. His region faces the most dramatic temperature rises on the planet. The climate has changed, suddenly turning his once beautiful world into an endless desert. Unable to survive in a traditional way and witnessing the collapse of his own people, Sonam starts a desperate quest to find answers and change their future. Now he and his people face a desperate decision: whether or not to leave their homeland forever or stay on and fight the increasingly extreme weather. The story told in this film is a history of faith and sacrifice of a people who are already suffering the effects of climate change.















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