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HumanLight Celebration

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Holiday Gathering

Friday, December 23 at 7:00 pm

HumanLight Celebration

By The Fellowship of Humanity




December 23 is the day that Humanists celebrate the winter solstice and Christmas festivities. This holiday is an alternative to both the winter solstice and Christmas holidays: it celebrates the Humanist light that we shed on humanity and the Humanist vision we have for the future of humanity — rather than celebrating the sunlight or the light from an alleged “God.” It is a time to express the positive, secular human values of reason, compassion, humanity, and hope! The Fellowship of Humanity expects to celebrate HumanLight every year — and at all times of course! So let’s all of us Humanists come together at this time this year and shine some Humanist light on one another!


Our celebration will include conversations about what affected us most strongly this year, 2011, and what we hope for in the coming year of all years, 2012. Let’s all share our enthusiasms for what we love most and what we’re most interested in! Let’s get to know one another better and reinforce our Humanism! And by all means, we shall have music and song and refreshments as well! We urge you to bring your favorite instrument to play, your favorite Humanist song of the season, and a favorite light refreshment to share! Let’s enjoy the holiday season with Humanists, for Humanists!






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