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A Multi-Generational Conversation on the Occupy Movement

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Thursday, December 8 at 6:30 pm

A Multi-Generational Conversation of the Occupy Movement

Produced by Ryan Feinstein



From Wall Street and Oakland, to Colombia, and Australia, the Occupy Movement is catalyzing an exciting conversation around the world. People everywhere are waking up and standing up to make our voices be heard. As the Occupy Movement galvanizes our collective efforts to build a better world, many questions are emerging: What are we learning through the Occupy Movement? What are the goals we are working toward and how can we achieve them? How can Occupy survive and thrive into the new year? What can we learn from each other across generations to support this growing movement?


Join Generation Waking Up, friends, and allies from around the Bay area for a multi-generational conversation about the Occupy Movement and its path ahead. Using a community conversation model called The World Cafe, learn with and from each other as we answer the call to create new forms of democratic engagement and collaborate across lines of difference toward our shared future. This community event is part of a new initiative called Thrive Bay Area, a local community organizing model for creating a thriving, just, and sustainable world. Join us to learn more. Invite a friend, elder, or younger to join you. We look forward to seeing you!





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