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Uhuru Foods Annual Appreciation of Volunteers

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Sunday, December 11 at 5:00 pm

Annual Appreciation of Volunteers

with Uhuru Foods

Produced by Bill Canada



Come meet the volunteers who make the Reparations in Action work of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement a reality! Join us as we recognize individuals, families, student organizations, local businesses, and sustained Uhuru participants who have opened themselves — their skills, their time, their hearts, and their minds — to the call for true allies of the African liberation movement. Let’s gather together with delicious, elegant food, cultural performances, our African vision, and you! Learn about our Uhuru Pies campaign, December 2011: bake, buy, and sell traditional holiday pies!


We at Uhuru Pies give profound THANKS to everyone who sold Uhuru Pies in November; and THANKS to everyone who ordered pies or got them at a pickup site; and THANK YOU to all the businesses that donated ingredients; and, most of all, THANK YOU each and every volunteer who participated in November Pies!!





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