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The Contract to Rebuild the American Dream

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Wednesday, November 9 at 7:00 pm

The Contract to Rebuild

the American Dream

Produced by Charles Davidson and Jack Kurzweil

Featuring Van Jones

      ~~ appearing in person




Van Jones, founder of Rebuild the Dream, will host this special anchor teach-in on the economy in Oakland.  And he will speak about:  A Sustainable Economy and a Just Society.  Since Ronald Reagan became president 30 years ago, the accumulated wealth of the top-fraction of the one percent of rich Americans has skyrocketed upward, while the economic prospects of the 99 percent have stagnated or plummeted.  During the current economic crisis, this disparity has grown larger.  As profits among the giant corporations increase to yet higher levels, so have the rates of foreclosure, long-term unemployment, and childhood poverty.  Still, politicians of both parties pass legislation forcing the poor to suffer austerity in the name of balancing the budget.  Only with deep knowledge and dialog will we be able to change the terms of the economic debate from one of austerity for the 99 percent to one of sustainable growth, a healthier planet, and a just economy.  This evening’s special program featuring Van Jones comes to us from MoveOn and the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club.






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