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Meetup: Earth Awareness

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Tuesday Meetup

Tuesday, December 27 at 7:30 pm

Earth Awareness

and Climate Change Reality

for Non-Theists

Presented by the Fellowship of Humanity




Our Meetup this evening will feature slides created by Alder Stone.  They are the introductory slides for his Story of Gaia, an amazingly clear and basic, yet sophisticated exposition on the science of Gaia and the climate change that’s upon us.  Alder Stone is able to facilitate our learning the fundamentals of systems science and geophysiology by way of his clear exposition and beautiful slides — which everyone can understand.   You don’t have to be a scientist to love science!  All you need to understand the Earth in this new systems science way is to have enthusiasm for science!



Our Meetup has three goals for our meetings:


   To understand the nature of the living Earth, and, in general, gain a deeper, intuitive, and awe-inspiring understanding for how nature works, including the nature of Life itself.  This is not an intellectual exercise, but relevant to the survival of humankind.

  To understand the abrupt, chaotic, extreme, and unstoppable 1-in-50-million-year climate-change event that has begun and will force a significant revision of civilization as we have known it no later than mid-century.

   To discuss how we integrate our awareness of Earth and climate change reality into our own lives;  to support one another around sacrifices we make and hardships we endure for the sake of our awareness;  and to celebrate our successes in harmonizing with the Earth.




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