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Got Democracy? Freedom from Corporatocracy!

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Sunday, September 11 at 7:00 pm

Got Democracy?  Freedom from Corporatocracy!

Produced by Greg Jan


It’s time to change the rules!  The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling is just the latest — and most egregious — instance of corporations hijacking our government.  Its ruling opens the door to a floodgate of corporate money into elections and leaves ordinary citizens little opportunity to participate in our democracy.  Corporations are using OUR legal system against us.  Join David Cobb from Move to Amend for an action meeting to determine our community’s response to the Supreme Court and what we can do to join the national movement to abolish corporate personhood and amend the U.S. Constitution!


David Cobb, the foremost authority on undoing Supreme Court rulings that allow corporations to destroy democracy and commit ecocide, returns from the Democracy Convention in Madison Wisconsin to share approaches to reversing human rights for corporations, corporate personhood, and Citizens United v the FEC (which gutted campaign finance reform.)  One of the most dynamic speakers on the planet, David Cobb has been storming the nation, inspiring thousands to join the exciting, exploding Move to Amend coalition.  Ending corporate rule is key to most societal goals.  Don’t miss hearing this outstanding attorney and enthusiastic former U.S. presidential candidate on solving THE root problem of our era!  


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