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La Revolution

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Sunday, August 21 at 7:00 pm

La Revolution

Harpsichord Recital and Lecture

Produced by Vibeka Lyman




This evening will be a treat for those who love classical music — AND revolution! Vibeka Lyman is a classical musician who will perform classical pieces on harpsichord AND inspire us all to join her in revolution against the status quo, the mind set of business as usual, in America. She is a rare individual who can combine progressive political activism with classical, harpsichord music! The influence of France will shine through her music and her lecture. Her recent trips to France have given her the impetus to let Americans know that progressive voices should be loud and clear and never let up here in America until justice is served.

She will speak to the way that the contemplative music she plays can be a time for reflection on personal pain and the enormity of the suffering brought to bear on humanity by the oppression of mega corporations combined with the forces of the misguided U.S. government. And the music can also give us a space for refreshment and renewal of our own peace of mind, giving us momentum for handling the hardships of our own lives and going forward in actions of resistance to the status quo, revolution against the machine. Come and enjoy a classical concert performed by someone who understands how painful and perplexing our lives are today and will speak to our deepest concerns!


After her concert, Vibeka will serve a scrumptious dinner for all guests! This will be another treat since Vibeka is an accomplished French and Thai cook! Come to the Hall this evening and enjoy a palette of primary colors for the mind and the senses!


$15 Donations Accepted

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