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Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club — Monthly Meeting

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Thursday, July 28 at 6:00 pm

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Monthly Meeting

Produced by the Wellstone Coordinating Committee



This is the monthly meeting of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club (WDRC). The Club works to renew and reform the Democratic Party. The evening begins with a social hour and delicious potluck supper at 6:00 pm — bring your favorite healthy dish to share! At 7:00 pm the Club begins its program and all guests of the evening, members and non-members alike, are invited to participate in the discussions.


This evening’s program will feature a Club discussion on:



The Economic Crisis and the Populist Response



The program will begin with some opening comments by a panel whose speakers include: Matthew Hallinan from the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club; Jodie Reid from the California Alliance of Retired Americans; Charles Davidson from MoveON’s The American Dream; and Josie Camacho from the Alameda County Central Labor Council. The panelists will talk about various ways that progressives are engaging politics and organization in the period leading up to the 2012 election. This will be followed by general and small group discussion aimed at charting a course of action for the Club in the next 18 months.




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