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The Timeless Message

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Friday, April 22 at 9:00 am

Earth Day, 2011

The Timeless Message:

A Teaching Workshop

Conducted by Pilgrim Baker,

Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance,

and Ambassador Jyoti



Join grandmothers Agnes Pilgrim Baker, a Takelma Elder, and Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance, an Oglala Sioux Elder, and Ambassador Jyoti for their Teaching Workshop wherein they will teach healing and prophecy, offer blessings, and share tools for connecting to Creator and Creation in our every day walk of life. Enjoy intimate time with the grandmothers as they open up to Spirit and share spiritual messages with participants. They cannot say exactly what will happen in the workshop, as Spirit will guide them in the moment. They trust that participants will all get just what they need. A vegetarian lunch will be included in the workshop.


The two grandmothers, Agnes Pilgrim Baker and Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance, are featured in the film, For the Next 7 Generations. They will talk about their participation in the film and about the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers which brought them together. The Timeless Message Tour brings these two grandmothers to 42 cities in America. Their Oakland visit is here at Humanist Hall. These intrepid grandmothers originate from all four corners of the world. They are wise women elders, shamans, and medicine women who first came together in 2004 at a peace gathering. Moved by their concern for our planet, they formed an alliance for a peaceful and sustainable Earth. Their Workshop on this day, teaching sustainability on planet Earth, is most auspicious indeed: Earth Day, 2011.

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