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Film: Collapse

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Wednesday, March  2  at 7:30 pm


by Chris Smith


In this disturbing documentary, Michael Ruppert makes the analogy of our current collapsing civilization to the sinking Titanic. There were three types of people on board, he says:  the first type refused to believe the ship was sinking and sat in the bar enjoying the luxurious apertifs;  the second panicked and went crazy trying to save themselves;  the third asked everyone, “How can we build a lifeboat?”  This film focuses on this third group of people and pragmatic ideas to survive the end of civilization as we know it.  Is this a bit dramatic?  But Michael Ruppert’s facts and figures are irrefutable.  He draws upon the same news reports and data available to any internet user, but he applies a unique interpretation. He is especially passionate about the issue of peak oil and portrays an apocalyptic future: the collapse of civilization.  While other observers analyze details of the economic crisis, Ruppert views it as symptomatic of nothing less than the collapse of industrial civilization itself.  No scientist has disputed anything he says in the movie.  It’s clear that some people aren’t going to survive, and the great challenge is to determine or influence how many will survive and what kind of quality of life they will have on the other side.  Those who have neither read Ruppert’s books, viewed his blog, or seen him speak will be riveted as he breaks down the imminent perils of peak oil, the fraud of fiat currency, the quiet revolutions taking place with no media coverage, the corporate and government corruption run a muck, the need for sustainability, and, thankfully, the importance of happiness, joy, and smiles in one’s life.  Those who are blindly waiting for President Obama to fix the world’s ills are going to be extremely underwhelmed.  We would all do ourselves justice by listening to Ruppert’s words and preparing  –  if only for the sake of our children.





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