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Film: The War on Democracy

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Wednesday, February 9 at 7:30 pm

The War on Democracy

by John Pilger and Christopher Martin

The U.S. has overthrown some 50 legitimate governments around the world since WWII. World class journalist, John Pilger, is all too familiar with U.S. war policy and procedure abroad, both in the Middle East and Latin America. In this film, John Pilger focuses on Latin America. He shows the techniques (including those learnied at the School of the Americas), the brutality, and the carnage of U.S. intervention in 10 Latin American countries since the 1950s. We learn the real story behind the attempted overthrow of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez in 2002 and how the people of the barrios of Caracas rose up to force his return to power.

Yes, the people of Latin America are rising up! In this film we also learn about the rise of populist governments all across South America, led by indigenous leaders intent on loosening the shackles of the U.S. and intent on creating a fairer redistribution of the wealth from selling the natural resources of their countries. John Pilger says that his film describes: “the struggle of people to free themselves from a modern form of slavery.” People who live in a world where they have next to nothing except ideas like democracy, freedom, liberation, and justice are reclaiming these for themselves with the power of their own courage and humanity. Courageous people are defending the most basic human rights of all of us in a war that’s being waged against all of us, the war against democracy.

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