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Blog: Some Universal Laws and Rules

Posted by Humanist Hall on December 17, 2010
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Some Universal Laws and Rules

1) The universe is not THE Universe. Therefore, we can’t know all the laws.

2) The four fundamental forces (nuclear, weak, electromagnetic, and gravity) are properties of the continuum. Consciousness is a fifth, but partially outside our four dimensional matrix.

3) The three laws of thermodynamics apply only to our macro realm.

1st) Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

2nd) An isolated system will gain entropy.

3rd) At absolute zero temperature, entropy is zero.

4) Cosmic evolution proceeds by the survival of the stable.

5) There is no conservation law for information in either the macro or quantum realms. In adjoining realms, there may be.

6) Organisms are open systems which can reproduce.

7) The universe is organismic. But we don’t know if it reproduces.

8( Over time, open systems will self-organize toward complexity (acquire information and store energy).

9) Evolution is bush-like — adapting in many directions, including complexity and simplicity.

10) Life develops holons which tend to survive the extinction of taxa.

11) Higher levels of active consciousness require individuation. The individual is the universe’s microlens.

12) The informational search space of the universe is many orders of magnitude greater than its material components can explore through one universal timeline of evolution. Therefore, free will exists and reality is art.


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