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Talk: Is Reality Psychoid?

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Sunday Meeting

Sunday, December 5 at 11:00 am

Is Reality Psychoid?

Presented by Sterling Bunnell

Sterling’s talk this morning will be about the ideas of Carl Jung, Wolfgang Pauli, and Roger Penrose on how consciousness and the material world are interconnected — how our inner experience and external reality are integrated.  Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli wrote a book, Synchronicity, together and this is the inspiration for Sterling’s talk today.

All of Sterling’s talks manifest his brilliant command of both theoretical explanations and historical examples — both theory and fact — and they exhibit the amazing broad scope of his mind, encompassing so many fields:  the hard and soft sciences and earth and biological sciences, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, history, at alia.  Sterling is a rare generalist, a philosopher, freely sharing his thoughts in our world of guarded specialists. Hear Sterling talk, participate in the group discussion, and get the education you might have missed in the course of your life!


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