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Awakening to the Ancient Sacred Feminine

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Friday, November 12 at 5:30 pm

Awakening to the

Ancient Sacred Feminine

Presented by Elena Loboda

The centuries-old suppression of feminine wisdom and power has brought us to our current urgent need for rebalancing. Women are colled to reawaken the feminine force, not only archetypally, but on a physical, energetic, and consciousness level. Ancient knowledge recognizes access to the womb where we can create new life in which there is a balance of body-energy-consciousness. The womb is a channel of universal energy and consciousness for personal transformation. The sequence of awakening, purifying, and cultivating sacred feminine energy is Love, Wisdom, and Power. Practicing with these three main principles, women can balance, rejuvenate, and transform all levels of the whole organism: their bodies, their energy, and their consciousness.

In intensive workshops over three days, women will deepen their connection to ancient heritages that include the Veddik, Buddhist, Hindu, Bon, Yogic, Shamanic, Taoist, Sufi, Hyperborean, and Native American traditions. With the guidance of Elena Loboda, who synthesizes these ancient traditions and scientific knowledge, women will learn and practice meditations that access wisdom of the feminine; movements, self-massage, and energy exercises to promote the awakening of the womb; breathing of the womb; methods to draw on universal energy for healing and transformation of the whole multidimensional female organism (the harmony of body-energy-consciousness); and magical power of lunar circadian rhythms.

For information and registration, contact Jamie Lantz at 415-285-9552.

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