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Film: The Whale Warrior

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Wednesday, October 20 at 7:30 pm

The Whale Warrior

Pirate for the Sea

by Ron Colby

This biography about Captain Paul Watson, founder and President of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, gives us an insight into the life and struggle of one of the most truthful, devoted, and persistent environmental activists ever. The film shows some of Paul Watson’s environmental campaigns with their dangerous and dramatic scenes but it also shows his family background and experiences in his early childhood and youth which left their mark on his personality and paved the way for his career as an eco-warrior. He believes that humankind is extinguishing so many species, in such a short period, on our insignificantly small spaceship Earth, that ultimately, extinguishing all those species, we — as a small part of the larger web of life in the biosphere — will also perish. We get a look at the emotional and mental strength that keep Paul Watson fighting for the oceans in the face of overwhelming force and with limited resources for more than 30 years now. Any other person would have probably given up long ago. Apparently no setbacks, bureaucratic harassment, or death threats can stop him — he is a unique and extraordinarily inspiring person, a true hero of our time.

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