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Blog: Vote to Save KPFA

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KPFA’s election for its local station Board of Directors is coming up! Are you a member of KPFA?  You will receive a ballot in the mail.  There are many candidates listed.  How do you choose among all the candidates if you  personally don’t know who they are?  A group of  ten KPFA candidates ask you to choose them — because they have the best interests of KPFA in mind while their opponents will run KPFA into the ground!

There’s an internal struggle going on within KPFA.  On one side are Board Members who do not contribute to KPFA either with money or work but want to control the content of what goes over the  KPFA radio waves — they want to manage the radio station.  And they waste a lot of KPFA’s money and energy on politics, that is, on trying to get what THEY personally want without regard to what the station needs!

On the other side are people who do or will contribute to KPFA and who know that managing the affairs of the station is the station manager’s job.  They do NOT want to control the daily programming of KPFA.  They know what the job of the Board of Directors is in addition to generally overseeing the station and adhering to its mission:  managing the resources and financing for KPFA — both soliciting donations and directly donating to KPFA themselves and organizing the fundraising.  They know that deciding what KPFA’s programming should be is the station manager’s job.

If you are a member of KPFA — vote for the ten candidates who know what the job of the Board of Directors is and who are committed to performing it! They are the slate called “SaveKPFA” — ten candidates ready to end the internal, expensive struggles of KPFA and take it to a new productive future:

Jack Kurzweil

Mal Burnstein

Margy Wilkinson

Mark Hernandez

Mathew Hallinan

Suzi Goldmacher

Tanya Russell

Terry Doran

David Saldana

Donald Goldmacher

These are the people comprising the slate of ten candidates called “SaveKPFA.”  Please vote for them today on the KPFA ballot that was sent to you in the mail — ranking them on a scale from one to ten! Ballots will be accepted until the end of September.  Support KPFA today — fill out your ballot and return it as soon as possible! Put the SaveKPFA slate into effect — help these ten candidates win the election!

Go to:

How to Vote for KPFA

and get informed and see how the ballot looks by clicking on:

How to Vote SaveKPFA

at that website.


Florence Windfall

President of the Fellowship of Humanity


  • Tracy says:

    Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director of Media Alliance here and Independents for Community Radio KPFA board candidate. You’ve got the KPFA election all wrong.

    I know the Wellstone Democratic Club has monthly meetings at Humanist Hall, so there is probably a lot of pressure on you to recite the Save KPFA party line, but in the end, we progressives need to operate on principles.

    Save KPFA, whose real name is Concerned Listeners,has already run KPFA into the ground. They dominated the board for two years in 2008-2009, passed budgets calling for massive staff layoffs due to declining listener contributions, and then sat on their hands for 15 months while the reductions didn’t happen. The station blew through a million dollars in less than a year and a half.

    A million dollars in listener donations. *All* the cash in the bank.

    They’re *saving* KPFA from their own self-created disaster.

    All to postpone layoffs that were inevitable, because if you don’t bring expenses into line with revenues, then you don’t exist – for long.

    Save KPFA thinks the board shouldn’t insist that budgets be followed.

    Save KPFA thinks staff shouldn’t be held accountable for leaving large checks uncashed in their desks until they expire,

    Save KPFA blocked an investigation into the police beating of a volunteer producer on KPFA’s premises because it wasn’t the board’s “business”.

    They are advocates for irresponsbility and dereliction of duty. That’s their track record.

    But there is an alternative. Independents for Community Radio has assembled a great, diverse team of organizaers, academics and radio professionals to get a grip on things and revitalize KPFA. More at

    Vote Indyradio!

    (In alphabetical order)

    Stephen Astourian Ph.D – UC-Berkeley Department of History, Chair of the Armenian Studies Department.

    Naeem Deskins – Western Regional VP, Association for the Study of Classical Civilizations, small-business owner, activist for the African diapora, dear friend of Africa Today host, Walter Turner

    Georgia Frazier – Former national sales manager at KJAZ Radio, Former VP, American Women in Radio and Television, Goldman School of Public Policy – UC Berkeley

    Monadel Herzallah – Founder and President, Arab-American Union Uembers Council, Coordinating Committee, US-Palestinian Community Network, Lead organizer, Justice for Janitors

    Cynthia Johnson – Chair, Berkeley Federation of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee

    Hyun-Mi Kim – Immigrant rights and feminist organizer

    Janet Kobren – Freedom Flotilla survivor

    Tracy Rosenberg – Executive Director, Media Alliance, Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors, Media and Democracy Coalition Board of Directors, Alliance for Community Media, Western Regional Board of Directors

    Gina Szeto – Director, Worker Rights Clinic, Boalt School of Law, Executive editor of the Asian-American law Journal

    Kate Tanaka – Alameda Green Party, Lead organizer Oak-to-Ninth Campaign – Independents for Community Radio

  • Virginia Browning says:

    This is an extremely inappropriate message for an institution such as the Fellowship for Humanity to put out.

    The fact is that the ones you endorse have actually run through a reserve of $800,000 in 6 months (and I don’t mean the normal station expenses that should be expected); pushed through a budget with important facts hidden from board member voters; and have apparently told you lies which you have believed.

    And just one small by-the-way: without board oversight, no entity, non-profit or profit can expect to function. The fact is, KPFA’s membership funds the station and has a right to elect non-staff board members to make sure the money is being well-spent. To have only staff control the board is an absolute conflict of interest, and it is a problem in many a currently flailing company when board members are merely appointed by managers to serve their interests.

    But aside from all this and more, the Fellowship of Humanity is supposedly about uniting humanity. As such, it has no business taking the word of one partisan side and disseminating propaganda without carefully querying other points of view. This is simply outrageous, and I am sure that many organizations will now boycott this organization.

    I am wondering now whether the Concerned Listener SaveKPFA-Mart group (who have appropriated the name of a group with almost diametrically opposed values who really DID save KPFA…)have the ability to contribute so much money to the Fellowship of whatever you think you are that it/you now has/have decided it/you need(s) to sell its so-called soul for the money. This is unbelievable. Below is a schedule of public community and on-air forums for members who actually want to hear from and question ALL the candidates running, not only the ones paying everybody they can think of off in hopes no one will hear from their opponents.

    KPFA candidate forums upcoming — all are invited, call or write to, 510-332-7181 for a ride if needed.

    Saturday, August 28th
    Ship Clerks ILWU Local 34
    4 Berry Street – (corner of 2nd and King).
    San Francisco , 12-4pm

    parking behind building

    Thursday Sept.9
    Black Dot Cafe
    924 Pine St., West Oakland

    Hosted by JR Ministry of Information from and Hardknock radio

    Monday Sept. 13
    First United Methodist Church

    San Rafael (basement)
    9 Ross Valley Drive

    ( Greenfield and Ross Valley Dr .)
    just off the Miracle Mile ( Fourth St. ) across from Bedrock Music near Cafe Gratitude).
    Potluck at 6:15pm / Forum at 7:15pm
    Sponsored by: Marin Peace and Justice

    Tuesday, Sept. 14

    Berkeley Community Media

    Public Access TV

    2239 Martin Luther King Jr. Way , Berkeley

    Sunday, Sept. 19

    Sonoma Peace and Justice Center

    467 Sebastapol Ave , Santa Rosa


    Monday, September 20th

    Richmond Public Library

    Community Room/patio

    325 Civic Center Plaza (at MacDonald ) Richmond
    lots of parking co-sponsored by
    Richmond Progressive Alliance


    O N A I R F O R U M S:

    First Round:

    Tuesday, August 31st 2-4pm

    Wednesday Sept. 1st 2-4pm

    Thursday Sept 2nd 2-4pm

    Second Round:

    Friday Sept. 10th- 7-8pm
    Saturday Sept.11: 9-12noon

    Wednesday Sept. 15: 7-8pm

    Thursday Sept. 16: 7-8pm

    Third Round:

    Monday Sept. 27th: 8-10pm

    Tuesday Sept. 28th: 8-10pm
    Wednesday Sept.29: 8-10pm

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Virginia and Tracy,

    Who says that the KPFA Board should have no oversight? Who says the KPFA staff should control its Board? Who says KPFA Board members are only appointed by managers?

    Your idea that I was paid to put up my post is a smear and a slander.

    Uniting all humanity is an ideal and not a realistic possibility. Much of humanity is blighted and would not cooperate to unify. The Fellowship of Humanity strives only to unite progressive people and organizations — which is still an ideal. We provide a physical space in which they can meet one another and network. Both sides of this internal struggle at KPFA are considered progressive. In such a case, where there’s hardened intolerance on both sides, I have to say that I’m not up to attempting to unite them, for lack of energy. I have chosen the one side. To break the deadlock of the two sides, I recommend the techniques of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication.

  • Virginia Browning says:

    Yes, I was so discouraged by seeing your post I wrote without thinking clearly.

    It certainly seemed slander to me the things you said about “one group” obviously not the group you endorse — for I know well as an attendee of most Local Station Board meetings that those things you allege are not the case.

    But beyond that, I looked again at the mission/purpose of the Fellowship, realizing that it was a dippy quick thing for me to imagine you’re wanting to “unite humanity.” But here is what I did find under your purpose:

    The Fellowship shall not pit one group against another or play favorites with one or another group. It shall find ways to serve all progressive activist and oppressed minority groups and persons who need The Fellowship. Its Mission shall be to encourage them all to BE and DO their best and discourage suspicion and strife between them.

  • Sasha Futran says:

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in Humanist Hall taking such a stand without even bothering to find out what has been going on from a different perspective than your Wellstone Club buddies.

    You’ve got it all wrong, so horribly and completely wrong. The group you are supporting has taken us to the brink of bankruptcy. They’ve had iron control of both KPFA and Pacifica until recently. You can’t really think that they are going to “save” KPFA. There’s no point in my wasting my time trying to fill you in more than others have already.

    It’s one thing for you to endorse a slate and quite another to do it so mindlessly and stupidly. I will be sure that no organization I am involved with ever rents space from you to the best of my ability. I am not attend an event there either. At least I have a solid reason for my stand.

    Sasha Futran
    Member KPFA LSB

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Virginia,

    What things that I have alleged are not the case?

    The quote you have there about purposes of the Fellowship refer to the purposes of the Fellowship of Humanity, which is the church that owns Humanist Hall. You have conflated the church with its hall. It is the church that wants all its members to stand together. Our church discourages divisiveness — such as you find at KPFA. But it can only discourage it. When a group is determined to be divisive within the Fellowship in spite of our goals and purposes, we stand against them until they are gone.

    However, we do encourage all the progressive and minority groups who use Humanist Hall to be cooperative in the same way — and hopefully our church stands as a model of this. And as a matter of fact, you will observe that in the past we have allowed both sides of the divide at KPFA to use our Humanist Hall. Your side has been here, as a number of you have already told me — MANY times. Suddenly the SaveKPFA side uses our Hall and we get hate mail and hate calls from your side. Your actions speak louder than words.

    In any case, neither the Fellowship of Humanity nor Humanist Hall have pitted one side of KPFA against the other. The two sides were already divided. And both sides have been able to use Humanist Hall. This is another smear.

  • Virginia Browning says:

    If you received hate mail because of allowing a group such as Concerned Listeners/SaveKPFA to meet there, I can understand your predisposition to be down on anyone associated with that hate mail.

    I’m assuming you’re not speaking about the legitimate critique of using the website to prominently endorse one group without hearing from the other candidates.

    I’m sorry you’ve received hate mail. Even the tone of your own posting at the top, accusing one bunch of “doing nothing..” etc. while not exactly hate mail, feels very very discouraging to see, when I know that many of the people opposed to the SaveKPFA group have worked so hard, competently and effectively for the network, and for the community the network serves and is served by. They have literally saved it from bankruptcy, though that is a continuing effort in these times. Programming needs to draw listeners and be very strong, as you know, for the network to stay alive.

    So, if hate mail is one reason you created that endorsement, I hope you will not feel that whoever sent it to you, despite whatever claim they made to be representing any non-SaveKPFA forces, do(es) NOT represent the vast majority of those of us who love this network and all who want to work together to sincerely improve it.

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Sasha,

    Disappointment and intimidation — is that all you have to offer?

    You say I’ve got it all wrong. What have I got wrong? Is it not true that your side of the KPFA divide does not want to pay staff for their work at KPFA?

  • Virginia Browning says:

    That most certainly is NOT true for the candidates I support. That is one of the myths being bandied about by the SaveKPFA group because they believe, I guess, it will win supporters, which I see it has.

    Many of us are workers, union members, even union activists. We do NOT want to throw anyone out into the street in these hard times, least of all the most senior members of their union.

    Some have suggested, however, that some who have been on the air a long long time be “kicked upstairs” so to speak and to mentor and support some of the wealth of creative voices and stories that really need their support to create effective radio.

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Virginia

    Legitimate critique? I am not entitled to voice my opinion on our website? I thought you were on the side of grassroots democracy — and you’re against free speech? I’m not a journalist. Are you? Perhaps you should do more listening to the other side of the divide yourself.

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Virginia

    Thank you for addressing the actual issues instead of attacking Humanist Hall.

  • Steve Gilmartin says:

    Both Virginia and Tracy provided critiques of the “SaveKPFA” faction based on actual, verifiable facts. Yes, KPFA management and their CL (now SaveKPFA) allies really did mismanage station finances and allow the reserve fund to hemorrhage long after it was well known that the station was in dire financial straits. But you fail to address this or, more importantly, educate yourself about the facts BEFORE making an endorsement (which is what all of this is about, not whether Humanist Hall hosts events for one faction or another).

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Steve

    Thank you also for addressing actual issues at stake. My endorsement on our website is my personal endorsement.

  • Tracy says:

    Hi Florence,

    Would you not agree that your own personal endorsement belongs on your own personal website?

    I think the problem people are identifying is that this is the website of The Fellowship of Humanity and Humanist Hall. Not your own personal website.

    Take care

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Tracy

    I can’t have an opinion piece on the Fellowship of Humanity website? Don’t editors of newspapers have opinion pieces in their own newspapers? Why do you attack me personally instead of addressing the issues at hand?

    And talking about personal attacks, you wrote in your first response to my post: “I know the Wellstone Democratic Club has monthly meetings at Humanist Hall, so there is probably a lot of pressure on you to recite the Save KPFA party line, but in the end, we progressives need to operate on principles.”

    I do not operate on principle? And what are your principles? To attack people ad hominem whom you disagree with? To smear and slander people? You claim that I might have been pressured into my position by Wellstone — on what basis, what evidence?

  • Steve Gilmartin says:

    If you editorialize on the Fellowship of Humanity website rather than on your personal blog, are you not representing the Fellowship of Humanity rather than yourself? In any case, propagandizing based on lies and distortions (“Is it not true that your side of the KPFA divide does not want to pay staff for their work at KPFA?”) is very much “reciting the SaveKPFA party line” and is always inappropriate. It hardly matters whether this is the result of “pressure” or just a complete willingness to take and amplify one faction’s talking points without trying to ascertain the facts or consider any other perspective.

  • Tracy says:

    Hi Florence,

    The issues are addressed at some length in the earlier post.

    The Fellowship of Humanity is an entity, I presume, not one person. Has the body of the group, be that the board of directors of the organization, or the membership of the organization, been consulted on whether or not they concur with your personal opinion? Do other members of the organization get to use the Fellowship of Humanity website to express their personal opinions or is it only you are able to do that?

    These are simple questions, not attacks.

    It is not slander to identify a conflict of interest when one exists. Concerned Listeners – Save KPFA is/was a project of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club of Berkeley. They hold their monthly meetings at your facility, presumably paying a fee to do so.

    A few weeks ago, you claimed you accidentally posted an event to the Humanist Hall calender describing Save KPFA’s benefit to pay their own election expenses as “KPFA’s benefit to help them survive till the end of the year”.

    A clear whopper of a lie for which you took full responsibility when the Pacifica Foundation and KPFA insisted that it be removed.

    Messy, at best.

    Take care,


  • humanisthall says:

    @ Sasha

    Sasha Futran says:

    “It’s one thing for you to endorse a slate and quite another to do it so mindlessly and stupidly. I will be sure that no organization I am involved with ever rents space from you to the best of my ability. I am not attend an event there either. At least I have a solid reason for my stand.”

    Reply from David Oertel:

    So Sasha,
    This is how you see the political process at KPFA? If people sincerely disagree with your opinions then you try to destroy them economically? Isn’t this a tad (correct me if I’m wrong) mean spirited and heavy handed? Humanist Hall has tirelessly supported you, KPFA, the KPFA board, for 10 years now. Is this the social capital that we get for all of that hard work and sacrifice? Thanks for making it very clear that your slate is malevolent. You saved me a lot of time trying to understand the election.

    Dave Oertel
    Director of Events at Humanist Hall

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Tracy

    You do not address the issues at any length in an earlier post. You merely mention some of them, and in a way which is cut and dry, as a list of complaints about the other side of the divide without any supporting evidence. No on commenting on my post has offered any “critique” of any issues by any stretch of the imagination.

    However, I went to the website that you referred me to and find this statement as a goal: “Allocate resources to support volunteer programmers… ” And on the Home Page of the IndyRadio website I read: “We believe in a programming committee that brings together management, unpaid workers, board members and listener-subscribers from the community to make balanced programming decisions. We believe in unpaid staff organizing… ”

    I am against this position, against not paying programmers and workers. And I am against Board members taking part in deciding what programs KPFA airs. So your IndyRadio side has requested that I remove my post, threatened Humanist Hall economically by boycotting it, and smeared my character to the Nth degree. This is authoritarian behavior, by the way.

    In your most recent post you smear me in yet another way — pretending that I’m a lone ranger with a invalid opinion that others in the Fellowship of Humanity might not concur with. These are just regular questions? Other authorities in our organization need to be consulted before I can voice my opinion? They are indirect smears that have nothing to do with the KPFA issues at hand. Do I question you in this way — question your entitlement to write on the IndyRadio website? I’m writing a post on a blog. Everyone, except you, knows that a blog post can be written alone by anyone and it can say anything.

    For your information, anyone on Earth, theoretically, can write on our website — they can post on our blog. All they need to do is register on our website to do so. However, I am the gatekeeper, the moderator, of what can be posted on the blog of our website since I am the webmaster.

    You state the I’m in a conflict of interest because Wellstone holds their monthly meetings at Humanist Hall. So you think I’ve received money from Wellstone to voice my opinion on our blog? Another smear for which you have no evidence. Smear away, it clarifies for people what your side is really like.

    You make this statement: “A few weeks ago, you claimed you accidentally posted an event to the Humanist Hall calender describing Save KPFA’s benefit to pay their own election expenses as “KPFA’s benefit to help them survive till the end of the year”… A clear whopper of a lie…”

    I did not accidentally post the Save KPFA event on our website. I intentionally posted it thinking that KPFA was going under and needed help. I thought their fundraiser was just another fundraiser like they have on the air at times, to raise funds to get to their quotas for the year.

    When I was told that this was not the case, that this was a fundraiser by one side of an internal dispute to win Board seats at the Board election coming up, I took the post down. Yes, I take full responsibility for putting it up and taking it down. There was no accident and no conflict of interest.

    Your IndyRadio website urges its readers to: “Please get involved in the conversation…” I’ve gotten involved and look what I get for it: mud slinging. This remark on the website of your side is insincere. That speaks for itself.

  • Tracy says:

    I am sorry, bur you do not get to have it both ways.

    You chose to post a fraudulent event listing that KPFA itself had to force you to take down as it misrepresented them as the beneficiary of a fundraising event.

    Now you are defaming and insulting more than half of the current board of directors of KPFA.

    You cannot expect support in return for such behavior and you will nor get it.

    If that “economically destroys” Humanist Hall then that is really too bad.

    I am sorry you chose to act in such a way on behalf of the Fellowship of Humanity.

    Tracy Rosenberg
    Member, Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Tracy

    What is the meaning of your remark? “I am sorry, but you do not get to have it both ways.” Both ways referring to which two parting ways? I have no idea.

    You write and evidently think so poorly that it’s hard to know what you’re talking about.

    My event listing was not fraudulent as far as I knew when I posted it. It was an event at Humanist Hall open to the public. I post many such events on a regular basis. This was not fraudulent. KPFA did not force me to take it down. They simply told me that the event was not such as I thought it was and it might be best to take it down, which I did. So what? Why do you write about this?

    As for defaming and insulting people, you win the prize for that. I can see why KPFA is indeed in deep do-do when people like you and the other commenters to my post are on its Board.

    Who says I expected support? Why do you make unsubstantiated claims — continually, in all of your comments on my post?

    You suggest that KPFA will retaliate against my post by boycotting our Hall. And it serves me right. David Oertel, when commenting on this boycott in his comment above, was simply saying that this is mean-spirited. And now you are rejoicing in it, thinking it will destroy the Hall economically. But this is “too bad” and you are “sorry.” Actually, you’re insincere and not sorry at all — you are smirking. It’s disgusting.

  • Sasha Futran says:

    Frankly, I find the ongoing argument on the part of those who run Humanist Hall in this space inappropriate. Newspaper editors, which I believe you compared yourselves to (inappropriate as that may be) do not respond to every letter to the editor fighting with the writer. They print their articles or political endorsements, allow their readers to respond and don’t argue, defame and insult them for doing so. If you were a newspaper editor, of course, you would know that. You are a rental space.

    That said, when Concerned Listeners much beloved by you and currently going by the name Save KPFA, had control of the board both of KPFA and Pacifica, they ran KPFA into the ground financially. Their General Manager “lost” a $375.000 check but reported it as in a specific bank account during that same time frame. They ran through a million dollar cash reserve and we now live from on air fund drive to on air fund drive. That is their legacy that you wish to return to power.

    Those of us currently in the majority have been in that position for a total of seven board meetings. We have managed to incorporate accountability into management and are at the tail end of a hiring process for a new General Manager. We now have a functioning Community Advisory Board, a requirement for getting Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding. We have reinstated the Program Council which was in place and working well until your CL friends did away with it. The Program Council, btw, is a vital part of our mission as it gets staff, board, and community involved in evaluating programming.

    You respond by pulling a part of what I wrote — the very end, the conclusion as it were – to speak in more writerly terms which I hope you can follow – and omit the reasoning for that conclusion. You attack me personally based on my saying that due to your not putting an thought, research, or demonstrating any inclination to hearing both sides before drawing a conclusion, I do not support HH. BTW, newspapers are supposed to go to both sides. You have done so on this website and in an email to a member of ICR who wanted to approach you for an endorsement. This is dishonest.

    Then, too, so is Concerned Listeners wanting to cash in on the name of the much loved SAVE KPFA of which I, and others on my side of the table, where involved. Those involved with Concerned Listeners were not. So I guess you are a good match for one another.

    I repeat, I will not support Humanist Hall and now have additional reasons for that statement.

  • humanisthall says:

    @ Sasha

    You make a dead serious comparison between myself and a newspaper editor when it was just an analogy I used in a light-hearted way. Then let’s say that I’m a blogger. In any case, you have not answered the questions I put to you and you insist on talking about whether I am appropriate instead.

    How “appropriate” are your remarks, btw? I have already voiced my opinion on them. Now others reading these comments can judge for themselves.

    How do you conclude that I love the Concerned Listeners side of the KPFA internal struggle? Again, you have no basis. I scarcely know them. They scarcely know me. In fact, most assuredly, very few even know my name, much less my person. I was, from the beginning, and still am, actually interested to save KPFA as a radio station. I do not really know the characters involved at all. I’ve met very few of them and even these I’ve never talked with at any length. But now that I’ve encountered these comments, I can see why KPFA needs a lot of help.

    I say that if KPFA is going to go under, it should go under because it paid all the hard working staff and other workers who have made KPFA happen over the years. That’s my position. If that is what burned up $1 million, then it was well spent. None of you commenting here have said what that million was spent on. Isn’t that amazing? $1 million was allegedly “lost” by the SaveKPFA side. I’m supposed to be instinctively appalled that the Save KPFA side of the dispute “lost” a million. But all of your “arguments” in these comments are unsubstantiated. They are just “he said/she said” complaints.

    Instead of trying to force KPFA to use volunteers to do its programming, why don’t the whole lot of you simply leave KPFA and go over to Free Radio Berkeley? They are a volunteer, community radio station, are they not? Don’t they practice “direct participation?” You are stuck on forcing KPFA around for unknown reasons which you undoubtedly will not divulge because they would be repugnant reasons. But if your side wins the elections for Board seats and your idea of not paying people for work wins the day, why don’t you go the whole nine yards and outsource the rest of the radio station to China? This is the “appropriate” corporate path, save money at all costs, as it were. Everything’s cheaper in China. Take KPFA to China!

    Also, none of you commenting on this post have explained how this big foundation check was allegedly “lost,” or embezzled or whatever it is you’re trying to say, ineffectively as usual. If it’s indeed a foundation check, how come KPFA doesn’t have a good enough relationship with the foundation to have the foundation write another one? Nothing you’ve written is clear to an outsider.

    What does “incorporating accountability into management” mean? Perhaps it means making certain not to pay people for their work for all I know. What does it mean that the “Program Council” was working well? This Program Council, apparently, allows the Board to evaluate programs and make decisions about them. I am opposed to this, as are the non-profit corporation codes of the State of California.

    The research that I’m doing on the KPFA dispute I’m doing right here on this blog post. I’ve asked you many questions — this is research — which none of you have answered. Instead, you malign my character and question my “authority” or “appropriateness” to even write here and voice my own opinion.

    You do not support Humanist Hall? Do you think I was looking for your support? I’m not the one running for office, you are. I hope you do not support Humanist Hall. Snooty, whining, smirking, sneering, hostile, nasty, bullying, threatening, sadistic people are not wanted here. People who continually focus on process and nothing else rather than the critical problems at stake will never be wanted at Humanist Hall as long as I’m alive. What is the meaning of your not supporting Humanist Hall? Why do you mention it? Of what importance is it?

    Newspapers do not go to both sides, btw. Not even the NY Times does that. They tirelessly supported the Iraq war for many years. You know that the S.F. Chronicle takes a one-sided stand.

    Who is the ICR? What endorsement did they ask me for? I don’t recall this. In any case, this is the one and only time I’ve ever “endorsed” anything at all. But I thought KPFA was an important institution and I want to see it kept alive. The term “endorsement” is too formal — I simply wrote an opinion piece on the blog we have here. I have never given any “endorsements” before and it’s nothing I do or plan to do normally.

    From these comments on my post I have to conclude that your side of the KPFA dispute is authoritarian, elitist, snooty, arrogant, and against all the PC issues that you claim are on your side — grassroots democracy, free speech, community involvement, and so on. You have done whatever you can verbally to silence, intimidate, stifle, bully, and suppress me. Any one can read your comments and judge for themselves.

    I am a part of the “community” and “grassroots democracy.” I listen to KPFA on a daily basis while I do manual labor at Humanist Hall. On the air recently, KPFA sounded so desperate, like they were going out of business, that I was impressed. Then, because KPFA came to Humanist Hall, I wanted to know how I could help. It happened to be the SaveKPFA faction that was here so it was their side that I learned about and took on. This strikes me as a very ordinary process and nothing to be outraged about. When they were here at the Hall, I spoke with a few of them briefly in a regular way and they answered the simple questions that I had. There was no problem with simple communication like I’m having with your side here in the comments. Now that I’ve come to experience your side in these comments, I have zero interest in learning about it. You have yet to answer any of my simple questions.

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