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Nuit du Bazin

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Sunday, May 23 at 3:00 pm

Nuit du Basin

Sekhou Senegal

Presented by Ousseynou and Kelly Kouyate

Sekhou Senegal had a vision – a vision to create an annual West African ceremonial and cultural night.  A night filled with pomp and grandeur, showcasing the rich West African fabrics and fashions (bazin and ganyilaa), reflecting West Africa’s traditional and melodious song (Bambara, Mandinko, French, and Wolof), incorporating West African instruments and music (kora, ngoni, sabar, balafon, tama, and djembe), and delighting everyone with hypnotizing dances and mouthwatering ethnic foods.  Although primarily established for the West African community living in the United States, this  fabulous night would be open to all people, all cultures, all enthusiasts and lovers of African culture, and would adhere to Sekhou Senegal’s mission:  to educate the community and broaden the understanding and appreciation of West African culture around the globe.  Together with collaborators, Nuit du Bazin Goudi Ganyilaa soon became a reality.  The first show, orchestrated on December 5 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, proved to be a success.  The night was filled with collective hysteria, with the entire community basking in the richness of West Africa’s heritage.

This evening’s celebration at Humanist Hall is for all Africans and friends of Africa to gather together in the spirit of peace, love, and unity.  It will be an opportunity to be completely emerged in traditional African music, food, dance, and fashion.  Exciting performing artists include:  Aida Thiam, Cheick HamalaCheikh Mbaya, Karamba Diabate, Karamo Susso, Karamo Cissokho, Papis Cissokho, Samba Guisse, Mohammed  Kouyate Jr KabbaMaguette Sow, Mbor Faye, and Ibou Ngom.   Doors open at 3pm – showtime starts promptly 5:30 pm.

$25 Donations Accepted

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