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Sister Cities Cuba Summit

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Saturday, May 29 at 9:45 am

Sister Cities Cuba Summit

Presented by Tina Flores

Come to this annual summit conference of Oakland / Santiago de Cuba Sister Cities and keep abreast of what’s going on with Oakland and U.S. / Cuba relations! Here’s how the meeting will unfold:

9:45 am:

Overviews of Current U.S. / Cuba policy will be given by Delvis Fernandez, President of Cuban / American Alliance Education Fund (CAAEF), and Lisa Valenti, National President of the U.S. / Cuba Sister Cities Association (USCSCA).   Afterwards, there will be a discussion — everyone is invited to participate.

11:00 am:

A card campaign for the Cuban 5 and wives will be initiated to give encouragement to the Cuban 5.   Alicia Jrapko from the International Free The 5 Campaign will speak to the fraudulent, unjust incarceration of the Cuban 5.  And a video on the Cuban 5 will be shown.  A discussion will follow the video and everyone is welcome to participate in it.

12:00 pm:

The dynamics between Cuba and Haiti will be examined.  Pierre Labossiere, from the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund and an International Medical Brigade Member will speak to the relations between Cuba and Haiti after the earthquake.  A video about this will be shown, followed by a discussion open to everyone.

1:30 pm:

Overviews of the The Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) opportunity will be given by Carol Cross, Secretary of the  U.S. / Cuba Sister Cities Association (USCSCA), Miguel Angel, Vice President of USCSCA, and an International Medical Brigade Member.  Then there will be a discussion session in which everyone is invited to participate.  This panel was coordinated with the help of Kathryn Hall Trujillo from the Birthing Project.

2:45 pm:

The dynamics between Cuba and Honduras will be examined by an International Medical Brigade Member and Bill Camp speaking for Honduras (CHIMES).

4:00 pm:

Rick Moniz from Chabot College will speak and  then facilitate a discussion on educational delegations to Cuba.

5:00 pm:

It’s time for open questions for any speaker and anyone on any of the panels.

6:00 pm:

It’s time for closing remarks.

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