MoveOn Community Meeting – Fellowship of Humanity    

MoveOn Community Meeting

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Tuesday,  May  4   at  6:30 pm

Community Forum

To End Corporate Influence in our Democracy

Presented by Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Had enough of Wall Street CEOs getting big bonuses and calling the shots in Washington? It’s time to stop just yelling at our TVs.   It’s time to get together and take our democracy back for the 98% of us who don’t have big lobbyists representing us in Washington.  MoveOn members and local residents concerned about corporate influence in our democracy are meeting up at Humanist Hall and you’re invited.  We’ll discuss how the problem of corporate influence in Washington is hurting people here in Oakland and what we as regular folks can do about it.  This meeting is one of hundreds happening around the country to launch a massive movement to make Washington work for everyday Americans, not corporations.  Can you make it? Here’s the link to RSVP:

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