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Film: The Invisible Forest

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Wednesday, May 26 at 7:30 pm

The Invisible Forest

by Antero Alli

— appearing in person

Forests embody threshold spaces where we encounter the spirits of nature as well as ghosts of the psychic, para-spiritual world, says Cedrus Monte in his review of Antero’s Alli‘s film.  It’s here in the forest that Antero’s dream story begins and winds itself through a rich tapestry of labyrinthine dreams within dreams which eventually carry us through to the shattering and regenerative conclusion of Antero’s cinematic opus.

Here’s the story:  A theatre troupe camps out in a forest to perform their director’s vision of Antonin Artaud‘s magic theatre of ghosts, gods, and spirits.  During their forest experiment, Alex, performed by the director Antero Alli, is haunted by disturbing dreams where Artaud appears and mocks his ambitions.  When these strange nightmares persist, Alex stops sleeping in an attempt to regain control over his mind.  Sleep-deprived and with his sanity pushed to its outer  limits, he seeks help from a psychotherapist who suggests hypnosis as a means to uncover the source of his disturbance  What follows is a phantasmagorical journey through the internal landscape of Alex’s subconscious memories and dreams, a sojourn that leads us to a place beyond belief, beyond words, and beyond the mind itself. This unique feature film was conceived and directed by local filmmaker Antero Alli and features the writings of William Shakesepare and Antonin Artaud.

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