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Film: A Sea Change

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Wednesday, April  21  at 7:30 pm

A Sea Change

By Barbara Ettinger

This is the first documentary about ocean acidification.  It’s chock full of scientific information, at the same time that it’s a beautiful paen to the ocean world and an intimate story of a Norwegian-American family whose heritage is bound up with the sea.  This poignant film follows the journey of retired history teacher Sven Huseby on his quest to discover what is happening to the world’s oceans.  His quest takes him to Alaska, California, Washington, and Norway as he uncovers a worldwide crisis that most people are unaware of.  Speaking with oceanographers, marine biologists, climatologists, and artists, Sven discovers that global warming is only half the story of the environmental catastrophe that awaits us.  Science has shown that excess carbon dioxide is dissolving in our oceans, changing sea water chemistry.  The more acidic water makes it difficult for tiny creatures at the bottom of the food web to form their shells.  The effects could work their way up to the fish 1 billion people depend upon for their source of protein.  The film is also a touching portrait of Sven’s relationship with his grandchild Elias.  As Sven keeps a correspondence with the little boy, he mulls over the world that he is leaving for future generations.   The film brings home the indisputable fact that our lifestyle is changing the Earth, despite our rhetoric or wishful thinking.  Imagine a world without fish.

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