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Welcome!!     Welcome!!     Welcome!!




spiritual humanists,

religious humanists,

ethical humanists,

nontheists, freethinkers,




deep ecologists




The Fellowship of Humanity

of Oakland, California


Deep Green

Humanist Church


to progressive infrastructure,


by humanitarian ideals,

and  committed   to

action for social justice

and ecological sanity!



Our focus is on the earth and its requirements to sustain life

Ironic as it is, we specialize in the Big Picture




is what we humans

are and do at our best

for each other and all Life forms


alleged supernatural

assistance or intervention.





The Fellowship of Humanity Owns and Operates User-Friendly

Humanist Hall


Meetings, Forums, Movies, Classes, Trainings, Rallies, Concerts, Performances, Banquets, Celebrations,  —


Progressive Activist and Oppressed Minority Organizations  and  Persons  of  Good  Will!!


Thank you for stopping by!!




Humanist Hall is proud to be a center for communities

for people and groups with deep green commitments.



We are the first church and the second movie house

in California to have a solar roof!



We compost organic waste matter;

we recycle; we use biodegradable products;

we filter Oakland’s tap water using reverse osmosis;

we use greywater to water our front and our back gardens;

and we are currently constructing a rainwater catchment system.



We are going to every length, opening every possibility,

to be sustainable and harmonious with the Earth!

And we advocate that you do the same!

You already know what to do!

Eat organic and local, best from your own garden!

Advocate for and eat an organic vegan diet!

Agribusiness is the ruin of the world!

Use your bicycle,  use local currency,  use recyclables!

Join a local environmental organization or create one!









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